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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rajab Gamah addresses reporters in a press conference about the UN week in Dar es Salaam and the government strong commitment towards delivering as one. Left is UN Resident Coordinator Dr. Alberic Kacou.
UN Resident Coordinator Dr. Alberic Kacou speaks to reporters in a news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters about the UN week in Tanzania while he confers the 68th UN Anniversary.
Some of the reporters who attended the press conference today in Dar es Salaam.
Dr.Alberic Kacou Interviewed by a BBC reporter.
.Kacou give thump up to the Government on peacekeeping process
Theme: The Future We Want
By Moblog Team
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations in Tanzania jointly organized a press conference to announce the beginning of UN week, to highlight key development issues, successes and challenges in the country.

The UN week this year is being celebrated on the theme of ‘The Future We Want’
The week of 17-24 October rejuvenates the long standing collaboration between the government of Tanzania and the United Nations, re-enforces the roles and responsibilities of joint partnership and strengthens commitment for successful implementation of the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP 2011-2015) aligned with the government’s development priorities for the country.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Bernard Membe reaffirmed the government’s strong commitment towards Delivering as One (DaO) and emphasizing upon the need to maintain a peaceful enabling environment for development activities.

“We pioneered this initiative since 2007 because we believed it would further strengthen cooperation among our governments, the UN and development partners,” He stated
He said that this initiative has addressed Tanzania’s development need in one roof, delivering responsive results catered for the wellbeing of Tanzanians from policy support to social services delivery and promotion of good governance.
Membe added that Tanzania has incorporated Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in its national development framework, namely the MKUKUTA and MKUZA (phase 1and 11 on both) in tandem within the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Zanzibar Vision 2020.
He further said that the development plans are envisaged towards having Tanzania graduate from ‘least developed country’ to a middle-income country’ with high level of both human development and an economic growth rate of at least 8 percent per annum.
“The UN has been encouraging an unprecedented global conversation on the type of world that people want beyond 2015, through 11 thematic public consultations and surveys on the themes around inequalities, health, education, growth and employment,” says Dr. Alberic Kacou UN Resident Coordinator 

He said that the global conversation initiated by the UN engaged more than 1.3 million people in above 180 UN members states since August 2012.
Dr. Kacou added that the objective of the UN week is to strengthening the partnership between the UN and the government Tanzania including the people while to share the philosophy of the two parties to ensure they champion in the same goal the future we want.

He said that the national consultations is to captured what is basically the matter of human life such as inequalities, health, education, growth and employment which Tanzania is among the countries that signed the thematic public consultations to foster public debate for national development.
Kacou also thanks the government of Tanzania for their strong commitment in peacekeeping process in Africa by providing troops in Darful, Lebanon and Congo to ensure that there is peace and stability in the continent.
Several activities are schedule to take place between 17-24 October 2013 on the theme 'The Future We Want':
-Public Debate at the University of Dar es Salaam on 22nd, October 2013
-UN Exhibition open for the general public at Karimjee grounds on 24th October, 2013
-Flag Raising Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 24th October, 2013
-Outreach activities jointly with Youth of the United Nations Association (YUNA) in the Mainland and Zanzibar (17-24 October).

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