Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Brazil is calling! Don’t miss the World Cup and Copacabana beach !
On Wednesday last week, MOblog hosted an exclusive Q and A interview with the Brazilian Ambassador to Tanzania, Hon. Francisco Luz, ahead of the upcoming World Cup Tournament. Read On;
MOblog Tanzania’s Chief Editor, Damas Makangale in an exclusive interview with the Brazilian Ambassador to Tanzania, Hon Francisco Carlos Soares Luz at his office.
By Damas Makangale, MOblog Tanzania
MOblog: What was your initial reaction when you heard that Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup?
Ambassador Luz: I think like every Brazilian who is crazy about football, I was very excited with the news. At a time we knew that there was no competition since Columbia had retired its candidate so Brazil was standing alone. We knew [the World Cup] was supposed to happen in South America, so we are very happy and excited with the opportunity of hosting the world cup again after 64 years.
MOblog: Brazilians are going to the world cup with a squad of younger and very promising players compared to Spain, Germany and Argentina. To what extent do you think it will help the team to win the trophy?
Ambassador Luz: I think Scolari has done the right thing. He has mixed the team with young, talented players who are ready to present themselves to the world and become national heroes like Neymar da Silva Santos but he has included veterans; mature and experienced players.
MOblog: Do you think Brazil will benefit from a home advantage and go on to win their first World Cup since 2002?
Ambassador Luz: We have won the confederation cups and a home advantage will be a factor during the world cup finals. We believe that the home ground will make a difference to us.

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