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                       MISS UNIVERSITY TOURISM WORLD CONTESTANTS - National Costumes
Africa Tourism Promotion Centre, is an International Entity dedicated and committed at promotion and advertisements of  Tourism , Culture , Natural Resources , Investments Opportunities , Environments and Wildlife Protection at International and National Level , in the course of Hallmark International Events of Sports , Culture, Pageantry Tourism ,Tours and Carnivals ,Conferences,  Bonanza , Concerts etc                                               
We at Africa Tourism Promotion Centre we believes that Tourism Industry is a Powerful Poverty Elevation Tool and among major World's  Economic and Development contributor. However ,the Tourism Industry Growth mainly in Africa Countries face number of barrier few to mention are : Poaching, Weak infrastructures, High Promotion and Advertisement Cost, deficient in Domestic Tourism, Environment Distractions and lack of Tourism awareness among the Community and the Public, also break open between Tourism, Wildlife, and Environment Protections.
                                                                    CONTESTANTS Beach Wear
We believe ,The Time is Now  ,the right Time for Public and Private Sectors  to Join up our Hands and Efforts for Overcoming all The Tourism Growth and Development Barriers so that we promote Tourism ,Culture, Environments,Wildlife, Tourism Investment Opportunities and Ant Poaching .That is why we have created "World Great Safari Tour" an international Event with capacity of Promoting Tourism,Tourism Investment Opportunities,Wildlife and Environment Protections (Ant Poaching) and stimulation of Tourism and Environments and Wildlife Protection awareness among the Public both at National (Host Country) and International Level.
                                                      CONTESTANTS - Evening Gown
World Great Safari Tour 2014, is a heavily Media Lead Events ,to be Televised and Streamed LIVE from Africa accorded Host Country to Worldwide,promoting and showcasing at large Host Country Tourism and Culture,Investment and Trade Opportunities,Goods and Services and mainly Ant Poaching, Environments and Wildlife Protection Efforts.
                                                              ANT POACHING
World Great Safari Tour 2014,will comprise Miss University Tourism World 2014 ,World Final ( With 120 Contestants ,120 Countries), Ant Poaching International Marathon 2014 , National Parks International Marathon 2014,Wildlife International Marathon 2014 all with More Than 100 Countries ,12,000 International and Local Athletics. Also comprises World Tourism Award 2014 in more than 21 Tourism Categories  , 
                                                   WORLD  GREAT SAFARI
and Great Safari Tour 2014 to Host Country Tourist Attractions (National Parks, Cultural Monuments,Historic Sites,Conservation Areas, Marine Parks) and of course in Street for Filming and Photo Shootings ( With More Than 480 International Participants  including Contestants and International Media Personnel), last but not the list World Great Safari Tour 2014 will also Comprise International Conference on Linking Tourism Growth, Environments and Wildlife Protection Agenda.
                                               ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION
Registration of  Delegates for Participation in The International Marathons,Tour,International Tourism Conference and Contesting for Miss University Tourism World 2014 is going on Direct International Organizing Board and National Directors worldwide.
Dates and Host Country to Be Announced shortly


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